Western Action Cowboy​ Information

Joe DiGiovanni, 732-742-3064
Schedule/Date Time​
2nd Sunday of each month, 9:30 set up, 10:30 start shoot per club time rules,1:30pm - hope to be finished
Fee is $11 includes hot lunch and bottled water.
MCR is a SASS affiliated club following SASS rules, Relive the Old West.

Clothing required is cowboy hat, long sleeve shirt. Prohibited clothing includes baseball caps, shorts, sneakers.

We usually shoot 5 stages. Speed and accuracy with misses incurring a penalty make up the scoring. Targets are steel, with clay birds popping up, knockdown targets, and other targets as designed by the Match Director. While it is competitively timed, the emphasis is on safety first, fun second, and results third. Mandatory safety review before shooting.
Firearms / Ammo
Firearms are 2 Single Action revolvers (32-45cal), 1 pistol-caliber lever action rifle (or Colt Lightning) (25-20 to 45 Colt)and 1 shotgun (12 - 20 ga) 1897 Winchester, or double barrel with or without hammers, extractors only, no ejectors.

Ammo count is usually 50 revolver, 50 rifle, 20 shotgun. Extra ammo is suggested.