Membership Prerequisites


1. Age for Senior Members is 18 and over. Minimum age to shoot at the range is 10 years old.
      JUNIOR MEMBERS (and guest under 18) must be accompanied by and 
      under the direct supervision of a SENIOR MEMBER who is within three (3)
      feet when handling or shooting a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.

  2. N.J. residents must have N.J. Firearms Purchaser I.D. Card for membership,
      except Junior and Honorary Members. Out of state members must have a
      firearms I.D. card applicable to their state.

      Juniors must have N.J. Firearms Purchaser I.D. before they can obtain the
      privilege of Senior Member.

  3. Complete and submit a membership application (see below).

  4. Have name and town of residence published in the club newsletter for
      member comment.

  5. By appointment successfully complete a club provided range orientation
      and firing line safety check, except Honorary Members.
      NOTE: Prospective members attending the orientation must bring the
          -  Ear and eye protection.
          -  A firearm and ammo.
          -  If the prospective member has neither of the above, items will be
              provided with notification before hand.

  6. Have current National Rifle Association membership (can get through club)
      for all members, except Honorary Members.

  7. Have completed a basic firearms safety class consisting of one of the

       a. NRA sanctioned firearms safety class
           (e.g., NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation)
       b. Law enforcement training class
       c. Military or National Guard training class

  8. Appear before the membership screening committee for an interview, check  
      of your driver’s license ID, N.J.F.P. ID, NRA card and firearms safety class
      certification before recommendation to the members.

  9. Be voted into membership on one year probation at a club meeting.

10. Pay the one time initiation fee and proportionate amount of the current
      annual dues upon vote into membership.
      Junior Members who have participated for the previous year may apply for
      Senior Membership at age 18 without the initiation fee

11. Probationary Member's conduct and activity at the end of probation shall be
      given consideration by the Trustees and evaluated to determine if the
      Probationary Member is to be retained as a member or some other action
      is to be taken.

Range Rules - Current Range Rules Page Link

Membership Application    APPLICATION      (PDF File)

For more membership information contact:

Attn: Vice President
P. O. Box 2219
Farmingdale, NJ 07727-2219 or  Bill Zide