Range Rules

These range rules are not to be interpreted by anyone, but the Range Officer. Any infringement or violation by a member or his/her guest will be sufficient cause for suspension or revocation of Membership. These rules are intended for the safety of everyone using the range and the unwritten rules of courtesy and common sense should be remembered and followed at all times.

The club's 40 yard archery range is located behind the dumpster to the left of the 7 yard pistol pit.  There is a four target backstop complex with targets for shooting arrows and crossbow bolts equipped with field or broadhead points.   Shooting line range markers and arrow holders have been placed to identify distances of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 yards.

Six (6) station bow hangers are situated to the right of the 20 and 40 yard range marks. These are intended to hold bows while retrieving arrows or waiting your turn at the shooting line. A chart is mounted on each bow hanger to indicate which target to use depending on your bow (traditional, compound or crossbow) and type of arrow point (field or broadhead).  PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

Note: if you intend to shoot broadhead points, use only the foam target on the left. Broadhead points will permanently damage the other targets.

The shooting of firearms at our archery targets is prohibited and is grounds for suspension of one’s membership privileges.  

Members with questions or comments regarding the archery lane should contact Bill Zide at wjzwjz@aol.com or 732-208-0308

  1. Everyone must sign in and out of the range at all times. Members shall wear their club badge
       when at the range.

  2. All firearms must be in a safe and unloaded condition with a chamber safety flag at all times
       except when being fired:

  • Rifles: Bolts open, action locked open and ammunition removed.
  • Handguns: Pistols Slides back, clip removed, and chamber empty.
  • Revolvers: (Double Action) Cylinder out, cartridges removed, (Single Action) Loading gate open, hammer at half cock, cartridges removed.
  • Shotguns: (Over/Under, Singles, Doubles) Broken open and unloaded (Pumps, Semi-auto) Locked open and unloaded

      3. All firearms holstered, cased or in a rifle rack must be unloaded and safe when behind the firing

      4. There will be absolutely no handling of firearms on the Firing Line during a Cease Fire.

      5. All firing will cease and all firearms will be made safe, as in Rule Number 2, prior to anyone
           leaving the firing line and moving toward the targets, and will not resume until the Cease Fire
           has ended.

      6. Shooters desiring to go downrange to the targets must ask the Range Officer for a Cease Fire.

      7. All firearms, loaded or unloaded, must be pointed downrange or in a safe direction at all times,
          unless they are in the long gun rack, holstered or cased as in Rule Number 3.

      8. Firing will be directed downrange only in the direction of the target backstop and only from the
         immediate firing line.

      9. There will be no cross firing at the range at any time.

    10. During shooting, everyone must be wearing eye protection and hearing protection when the line
           is hot and you are within 25 feet.

    11. No shotgun shooting at the pistol ranges, except during a club scheduled Match.

    12. All plinking targets must be placed approximately two feet above the base of the backstop butts

    13. No glass objects of any kind will be permitted as targets at any time!

    14. No steel targets or bowling pins permitted, except for use in scheduled matches or as spinners in
           the spinner boxes. A500 steel targets may be used outside of matches if the member has been certified by the club to shoot steel.

    15. No alcoholic beverages or drugs may be consumed or used at the range at any time.

    16. Pistol #3, 50 yard, and 100 yard ranges will not be used at the same time that the Trap range is
           in use, and vise versa.

    17. Hand traps will only be used from the 50 and 100 yard firing line when no one is using the 50
           or 100 yard ranges.

    18. JUNIOR MEMBERS (and guest under 18) must be accompanied by and under the direct
           supervision of a SENIOR MEMBER who is within three (3) feet when handling or shooting a
           rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Minimum age to shoot at the range is 10.

    19. No firearms capable of firing full automatic are allowed on the range at any time. No arms or
           device that is deemed illegal by the State of New Jersey or Federal Government shall be
           brought to the range.

    20. All members and guests must obey the Range Officer's commands while at the range. Range
           Officers  have the authority to suspend range privileges for that day and must report such
           suspension to the Trustees before the next regular club meeting.

    21. The Chief Range Officer may appoint any SENIOR MEMBER in good standing to assist. All 
           Committee Chairmen shall be responsible for appointing a Range Officer while they are using
           the range.

    22. All members are obligated to act in the interest of the Club when observing any violation of
           these rule  by a member or by non-members who are guests. In the absence of a Range
           Officer, members will conduct themselves accordingly, and report such violation in writing
           to an Officer or Trustee prior to the next regular Club meeting.

    23. Members are permitted to have one guest at a time shooting, unless special provisions have 
           previously been made with the Board of Trustees. Members are responsible for their guest's 

    24. There will be no climbing on any earth embankments (backstops) at any time.

    25. Range-shooting hours are:
           Monday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or dusk
           Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or dusk, whichever is the earlier.
           No shooting is permitted on Easter Sunday or Christmas Day.
             Other restrictions may apply from time to time when deemed necessary and will be posted
              in the Newsletter or at the range entrance.

    26. All members and guest must clean up all brass and debris after their shooting and before
           leaving the range.

    27. Only paper targets are to be used on the target frames and placed in the center of the frame
           target area.