Event Calendar


Range use is subject to the additional rules listed below. These rules temporarily replace or extend the current set of posted range rules and shall remain in effect until cancelled by the Trustees.

  1. No more than 17 cars to be in the parking lot at any given instance, i.e., no double parking.
  2. Range is open for member and their guests.
  3. Face masks are to be worn at all times if not shooting.
  4. Each member to maintain at least a 6 ft separation from other members at all times. This applies on and behind the firing line.
  5. Wearing of rubber gloves and use of disinfectant wipes strongly recommended around shooting benches, tables & chairs.
  6. Training is permitted for firearms qualification and safety by certified instructors.
  7. Click on an event to view additional details and expected end time.

    Knockdown and Challenge Steel Events are alternated on the 3rd Saturday of each Month ~ Sign up at 8:30am. ​You MUST attend the Safety Briefing Event at 8:45am. If you are late and miss this briefing you will NOT be able to participate in the Steel Event at 9am. Thank you​​