Air Gun Plinking​​ Information

Event Chairperson - Bill Zide, 732-208-0308,
Schedule/Date Time​
First Tues of the month, 9:30 – 12 Noon, weather permitting,
​May through September.
$4 per member or non-member
This is a fun shoot in which participants hit various stationary targets with an air gun. Shooting is done free style from the 25 yard pistol range. No scoring is kept and participants shoot as many rounds as they like.

There are 5 shooting stations plus a practice station. The stations offer the following types of targets:
​1. Varmint Profiles – metal silhouette knock down targets (e.g., crow, rabbit, ​prairie dog, squirrel), remote resettable (via string) and shooting resettable ​metal targets.
​2. Shooting Galleries - Resetting shooting galleries & spinner targets.
​3. Daisy ShatterBlast Disks & Shot Shell Hulls – Poker chip size 2” clay disks mounted on top of 2x4 boards with shot shells suspended underneath.
​4. Paper Dot Targets – 4 grey or orange dots with bullseyes.
​5. Novelty items – opportunity targets that vary from shoot to shoot. Examples include ping pong balls, golf balls, tennis balls, small plastic toys (e.g., ducks, frogs, turtles), paint balls, water balloons, oyster crackers, jelly beans, etc.
​6. Practice & Sight-in – 3 metal disk swinging targets of different diameters.

Shooting is done from the benches at the 25 yard range. Periodic cease fires are called to refresh the targets. Participants can shoot at any of the targets they desire.
Firearms / Ammo
All calibers (.177, .22 or .25 pellets) and types of air guns, rifle or pistol, may be used (no BBs).