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Police Action Shoot​ Information

Chris Juhasz Event Chairperson - Chris Juhasz, wcj@msn.com
Schedule/Date Time​
Third Saturday – 9:30 Police Action followed by Steel Shoot around 10:30
$5.00 per match, Non-members $10
If you have never fired in any type of competitive event with a handgun, now is the time to get interested. The Police Action Shoot and Steel Shoot is a very competitive way to start and learn how to handle your handgun in a very decisive and safe way while possibly saving your life and those around you. Learn how to effectively handle yourself in a situation that may cost your life. It is a contest of marksmanship, skill and time.

The Police Action Shoot provides skill exercises from various positions (holstered, low ready, strong hand, weak hand, etc) while shooting at silhouette target distances ranging from 3 feet to 25 yards.

The Steel Shoot is a timed event firing at steel targets. Both accuracy and time count. You can use either a semi-auto or a revolver, a caliber 9mm or greater (such as a .38 Special, .40 Cal., .357 Mag. for example). One of the more humbling tests of this event is firing 6 rounds while advancing on 3 staggered steel targets. Once you try it you'll be back for more. It builds confidence in your handling of a handgun in stressful situations! Chris Juhasz, wcj@msn.com, Cell 908-675-6721
Firearms / Ammo
Police Action / Steel Shoot approx 50 rounds each, retention type holster required, multiple magazines or speedloaders are needed.