Head to Head Steel

Event Chairperson - Chris Juhasz, wcj@msn.com
Schedule/Date Time​
Starts first week in April and runs on Wednesdays thru September. Practice begins at 4:30 pm and the first bracket starts at 4:45 pm, late comers are welcome.
Member $5/Evening Non-Member $10
The competition will be in a bracket format. Each bracket will be between(2) shooters. ​Determination of who will compete in each of the first brackets will be done by drawing names from a container.

​The competition will be held in the twenty-five (25) yard pistol pit. At the start of the competition there will be sixteen (16), six inch round yellow steel plates set on stands at different heights with two (2) steel poppers set at the center.

​ The competitors will stand at the fifteen (15) yard line. Competitors will have their guns in a holsters with additional magazines in their magazine holders. Competitors will start the competition with their hands off their weapons in a surrender position.

​​At the sound of a Pac Timer, shooters will draw their weapons and clear the eight (8) yellow six (6) inch targets on their side. As soon at the competitors have cleared those targets, they will shoot their steel popper. The first popper to fall determines the winner. The winner will move onto the next bracket. The competition will continue until all brackets are completed.
Firearms / Ammo
Semi auto/revolver handguns, Rounds fired depends on the number of attendees and brackets that you shoot (9 targets plus misses for each bracket, bring at least 100 rounds)