Three Stand​ Information

Event Chairperson – Bill Zide, 732-208-0308,
Schedule/Date Time
Every other Friday on alternate weeks when the trap shoot is not being held. Registration 9:30 AM. Shooting begins ​at ~9:45 AM.
$6 per participant per relay (24 rounds) plus an additional $4 per day for non-members
This event uses the 25 yard pistol, 50 yard rifle and 100 yard rifle ranges.   It is a fun shoot offering practice for formal Sporting Clays, Five Stand and Trap. Use is made of portable trap machines, the club’s permanent trap machine and the club’s hand trap thrower to launch clay targets either as singles, report pairs, simo pairs or ”twofers” (2 shots to hit 1 bird).  Three portable shooting stations are positioned on the rifle or 25 yard pistol ranges. The various trap machines present different target trajectories, i.e., quartering, crossing, tealing and arcing shots at each shooting station.  The positioning of the trap machines and shooting stations changes each week.   A relay consists of 24 rounds, typically 4 report pairs (8 rounds) from each shooting station. Participants rotate through each of the shooting stations similar to trap, moving to the next station after shooting their 4 report pairs.  No formal scoring is kept.   Two relays are usually run at each shoot.
Firearms / Ammo
All gauges of shot gun as well as types - pump, single barrel (singles shooting), semi-automatic, double barrel side-by-side or over-under can be used. 2 ¾ inch target loads with #7.5 or #8 shot are recommended for all gauges. No shot larger than #6 is allowed.   24 rounds are shot for each relay.