Five Stand​​ Information

Event Chairpersons - Joe DiGiovanni, 732-742-3064, or Tom Evans, 732-803-2430,
Schedule/Date Time
Fourth Sunday of the Month. Registration 10:30 AM .Shooting begins at 10:45 AM
$6 per member plus an additional $4 per day for guests.
This event uses the 25 yard pistol, 50 yard rifle and 100 yard rifle ranges.

Five Stand is a class of sporting clays involving 5 shooting stations. Five or six shots are taken at each station. Clay targets are shot as report pairs, i.e., target 2 is launched immediately after target 1 is fired at. The exception is the first target at each station. The shooter has the option to take a second shot to hit the target if their first shot misses. It is still counted as a single hit or miss. The remaining 4 targets at each station are shot as report pairs. A total of 25 shots make up a match. The number of clay targets hit is totaled as the score for each competitor.

The shooting locations will vary for each shoot. They are placed around the 25 yard pistol, 50 and 100 yard rifle ranges. The mechanized trap machine, hand trap launcher and a few mobile trap machines are strategically located to launch the targets. The shooter loads 2 shells in their shot gun for each round. There are three 2 shot rounds taken at each station.

Targets fly or bounce along the ground, in front of, away or toward the shooter. The targets can consist of standard clay disks (180mm), midi discs, mini discs, bateaus or rabbits.
Firearms / Ammo
All gauges and types of shot gun can be used, however, semi-automatic, double barrel side-by-side or over-under are favored. 2 ¾ inch target loads with #7.5 or #8 shot are recommended for all gauges. No shot larger than #6 is allowed.

25 to 30 rounds will be shot. A single match is held per shoot.