High Power Rifle​ Information

Joe DiGiovanni -732-742-3064, JoeWW2Jeep@Comcast.net
Schedule/Date Time​
$5.00 per match, Non-members $10
Fee is $11 includes hot lunch and bottled water.
Each month the course may change as to the stations of fire, but each month we fire approximately 40 to 50 rounds of ammunition.

Most times we fire from the bench, then go to the prone, then sitting and standing positions (individual physical handicaps are not a problem) we will accommodate everyone who wants to participate. Conditions permitting we fire 10 rounds at 100 yds from the bench, then 10 rounds prone at 100yds, 10 rounds sitting or kneeling from 50 yds, and finally 10 rounds standing at 25yds. Score is the sum of all shoots minus the sighters.

We have had many new members in the club participate even though they have not yet procured a rifle - they used a loaner from another member but purchased their own ammunition.

It is also at this shoot that members can qualify for the C.M.P. (Government Civilian Marksmanship Program) in order to purchase a military rifle and/or ammunition – dozens have done it over the years. Arrangements can be made in order for you to participate as long as you supply your own ammunition.
Firearms / Ammo
All types and styles of rifles both military and commercial, foreign and domestic, bolt action or semi-auto. Generally military style or type rifles are used and/or military caliber cartridges. (Example: An AR-15 or Mini 14 - they both fire the standard .223 round. Also the .30 caliber round can be fired from the M-1 or Springfield '03 or from a commercial rifle).

Required ammunition is approximately 40 rounds plus a few spares for sighters and mis-fires.