3 - Gun Shoot Information

Chris Juhasz, wcj@msn.com
Schedule/Date Time​
Second Saturday - Safety briefing 8:45am sharp. First shot 9:00am

$10 for members. Non members $20 entry fee - guests must be accompanied by their member*


The 3 Gun Shoot will require the shooter to engage steel targets at varying distances (10 - 100 yards) using a long gun, shotgun, or handgun. Shooter MUST carry all ammo on their person. 

Each participant will shoot the course 2 or 3 times. Lowest combined score (gross time + penalties (misses, 10 sec each) = net combined) wins. Course of fire may change from event to event. Members will be permitted to carry their handgun in a approved retention holster with slide forward, hammer down, and empty mag well. Empty chamber flags help but not required. There will be an ammunition table to load mag's. 

Shooters must be able to diagnose and correct stovepipes, miss feeds and any other obstacles they may encounter during course of fire on their own. No sight-in's. Be ready. 
* Entry to this event closes at 8:30am sharp! If you are not at the range by the 8:45am safety briefing you cannot shoot this event. No exceptions.
Firearms / Ammo
RIFLE - Semi-auto, lever or pump. 223/5.56. No .30 caliber as it is too tough on the steel. Smaller calibers are acceptable.
SHOTGUN - 12 ga. pump or semi auto. Low brass. Ex: 7, 7 1/2, 8 shot 
HANDGUN - Revolvers and Semi auto. Retention Holster required for all handguns. No shoulder or cross draw holsters. Your handgun must be visible at all times. No coat, or shirt may cover the holster. Magazine pouch's /speed loaders recommended. Single or double action.  
We always try to get three rounds in on the match. Each round consists of: 3 rifle mags of 10 each, 3 pistol mags of 10 each, and 10 shotgun shells. Bring extra mags and ammo because if a mag is dropped, it's not usable. Total minimum round counts: 60 rifle, 60 pistol, and 30 shotgun. 6 Shotgun slugs are also used in most matches.