Black Powder Information

Steve Garratano, 123-456-7890
Schedule/Date Time​
Held 1st Sunday - start 10:30 - March thru October. Fun Shoots only in November thru February (weather permitting).
$3 for first firearm type, $1 more if shooting both rifle and handgun - plus $1 for club. Total $4 or $5
Black Powder is a formal competition run by Steve Garratano, and a fun competition designed by Pete Barbieri.
There is rifle and handgun competition. You can shoot one or the other - or both.

A. Formal Rifle Categories:
1.Round ball (muzzle loaders using a patched ball in their rifles). Flint or percussion Iron sights
2.Conical ball (muzzle loaders using a conical mini-style bullet in their rifles) Flint or percussion. Iron sights
3.Cartridge (using self-contained bullets in their rifles). Can also use smokeless cartridges, but it must be a black-powder cartridge - such as .44-40 but not .40 S+W. Lead bullets only. Generally, if the rifle/ammo can be used for Cowboy Shooting (main match or side match, it can be used in this category) Iron sights
4.Open - in-line guns, scopes. This category hasn't been used in a long time.

B. Formal Course of Fire is off-hand and consists of:
1.Patch ball - 13 rounds @ 25yds, 13 rounds @ 50yds - count best 10 at each distance
2.Conical/cartridge - 13 rounds @ 50yds, 13 rounds @ 100yds - count best 10 at each distance. There are different targets for different style rifles (bullseye size varies)

C. Handgun - must be a black-powder era cartridge, or percussion cap - revolver or single shot pistol - or flint pistol. 13 shots at 25yds - count the best 10 .

Informal Fun shooting - clay birds attached to cardboard backer @ 50yds, also 2" wallboard squares (you get smoke from the gun, and smoke from these targets). Based on North-South Skirmish Association targets.
Firearms / Ammo
See above.