Bowling Pin Shoot Information

Event Chairperson - Chris Juhasz,
Schedule/Date Time
Fourth Saturday of each month. Registration & mandatory orientation at 9:30 AM. Shooting begins at ~ 9:45 AM
Member $5.00, Non-Members $10.00
This event uses the 15 yard and 25 yard pistol ranges.

Bowling pin shoots are exciting and popular! Either a revolver or semi-automatic handgun may be used. Members have shot the event with black powder pistols also. Shooters can sign up for the semi-auto shoot, revolver shoot or both.

The objective is to fire at a series of bowling pins set up in a line on three tables and knock them off the table. Semi-automatic shooting is done on one pistol range and revolver shooting on the other pistol range. For revolvers there are four pins per table and for semi-auto's five pins per table. Revolvers are loaded with six rounds. Semi-auto hand-guns are loaded with seven rounds. The firing line is 21 feet away from the tables. Time and accuracy combine to give you your score. The shooter begins with the first table on the clock and clears the pins from that table. A knock-down doesn't count. The shooter must continue to fire at the pin until it falls off the table. If the shooter needs to reload, one reload is allowed per table and it's all on the clock. The remaining two tables are each shot after a brief reloading break off the clock. Two rounds of shooting the three tables (i.e. six tables) constitute the match. Total time from all the tables is your score for the match. Pins remaining on a table are assessed a 10 second time penalty which is added to your total time.

If you are NOT a member.....Entry to this event closes at 8:30am sharp! If you are not at the range by the 8:45am safety briefing you cannot shoot this event. No exceptions.
Firearms / Ammo
All calibers of pistols and revolvers can be used. For semi-auto handguns, a minimum of 30 rounds per match are needed, for revolvers, 24 rounds. Maximum number of rounds, assuming a reload for each table, is 84 rounds for semi-autos and 72 rounds for revolvers.

It is recommended that semi-auto shooters have 3-6 magazines available and revolver shooters 3 speed loaders to keep reload times between tables to a minimum.