Knockdown Steel​

Chris Juhasz Event Chairperson - Chris Juhasz,
Schedule/Date Time​
3rd Saturday - Signup at 8:30am. Safety Briefing 8:45am sharp. If you are late and miss this briefing you will NOT be able to participate.​ ​Knockdown Steel starts at 9am.
$5 for members. Non members $10 entry fee*
This is a timed event which consists of approx. 18 to 32 reactive steel targets. From the low ready, participants fire until all the targets are knocked down. Reloads are as needed. The timer is stopped when all the targets have been knocked down or the timer has reached 100 seconds. Any targets left standing at the 100 second mark will be added as a 10 second penalty for each.
Firearms / Ammo
Depending on the number of participants and time, we try to shoot 3 relays. Minimum round count per relay may be a high as 32 but bring plenty of ammo! (3 x 32 = 96 + reloads). Revolvers are welcome. Multiple mags or speed loaders are needed. Holsters are permitted but not required.