Trap Information

Event Chairperson - Bill Gutman, 732-741-7364,
Schedule/Date Time
First Saturday of the month and every other Friday on alternate weeks when the 3 Stand shoot is not being held – Registration at 9:30 AM, First match begins ​~9:45 AM
$6.00 per participant per match plus an additional $4.00 per day for non-members.
This event uses the 25 yard pistol, 50 yard rifle and 100 yard rifle ranges.

The automated trap machine located in the trap house to the right of the 25 yard pistol range is used to launch all targets. A match consists of 5 shots from each of 5 shooting positions (pads) located on the 25 yard pistol range. Each pad is 16 yards from the trap house. Up to 5 shooters can participate at a time. The first shooter loads one shot shell, calls "Pull" to get a clay target released and takes the one shot. This repeats in sequence for each shooter until all have shot once (one round). Rounds are repeated until all the shooters have taken 5 shots at the same shooting position. Then the shooters shift one shooting position to the right, and start a new round. This 5 round sequence is repeated until each competitor has fired 5 shots from each of the 5 shooting positions (25 shots makes up a match). The number of clay target hits is totaled as the score for each competitor.

Members and guests are all welcome to participate. Beginners are especially welcome. We will talk you through the course of fire and let you try out a couple of shots to get warmed-up.

If there is participant interest, multiple matches may be shot that day.
Firearms / Ammo
All gauges of shot gun as well as types (i.e., pump, semi-auto, single barrel, double barrel, side-by-side or over/under) can be used. Each match consists of 25 rounds. 2 ¾ inch target loads with #7.5 or #8 shot are recommended for all gauges.

No shot larger than #6 is allowed.